Php Form Builder - Material Bootstrap Form
sending emails using HTML/CSS email templates

PHP Form Builder's Material Forms can be built with Bootstrap 4 or Materialize framework.

Bootstrap Material Forms

  • Bootstrap 4 is the framework used as the main css on your page
  • Material Design is a customized version of Materialize framework containing only the minimal css/js required for forms.
  • These forms are using PHP Form Builder's materialize plugin

Pure Material Forms

  • Materialize is the framework used as the main css on your page
  • These forms don't use any extra plugin

Detailed explanations here: Material Design Forms

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The default template generates a table with the posted keys/values. This table is automatically inserted into the email body.
The default template file is phpformbuilder/mailer/email-templates/default.html

The custom template uses placeholders which are automatically replaced by the posted values.
For example {user-name} will be replaced in the email body by the posted user-name value. See phpformbuilder/mailer/email-templates/custom.html