Php Form Builder - Extended Contact Form
Build a complete contact form with a single line of code

PHP Form Builder's Material Forms can be built with Bootstrap 4 or Materialize framework.

Bootstrap Material Forms

  • Bootstrap 4 is the framework used as the main css on your page
  • Material Design is a customized version of Materialize framework containing only the minimal css/js required for forms.
  • These forms are using PHP Form Builder's materialize plugin

Pure Material Forms

  • Materialize is the framework used as the main css on your page
  • These forms don't use any extra plugin

Detailed explanations here: Material Design Forms

$form = new FormExtended('extended-contact-form', 'horizontal', 'novalidate', 'material');

The contact form below is built with just these 2 lines of code.

The FormExtended php class allows you to create your own functions. Here, for example, we call the createContactForm() function, which in turn calls all the functions needed to create the form (creation of fields, layout, plugins, ...)

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